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Highlights 2024

Dr Michael Camps with first mate Louise Varley on "Coscoroba" (a Swan brand) photographed in the Gulf of Paria, Trinidad and Tobago, on his return after a two-year world circumnavigation. Photograph annotation at back "August 15th, '84. Return home to Helen"
Michael Camps
World Circumnavigation
Len Baba Holder's cedar sculpture titled "Old Mas Music Band", displayed at the exhibition titled "Two Trinidad and Tobago Sculptors in Wood" at the Scotia Centre, Port of Spain, 1988
Len Baba Holder
The front cover of the Observer UK Magazine, with an image of Peter Minshalls "From the Land of the Hummingbird" portrayed by Sherry Ann Guy, Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, 1974
to Baachacs Collective: Curating Archiving Company
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